Free Fire Advance Server 2024 OB46 Update Download, Registration, Activation Code

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Welcome to the website, this is the only place to learn about Free Fire Advance Server 2024 Update. As a Free Fire lover, everyone wants to know what changes are going to happen inside the game in the next update. So this FF Advance Server basically what will change inside the game is known before the update.

Through this article, you can learn all the information about Free Fire Advance Server 2024 OB46 Update. Most gamers are interested in accessing this Advance Server but it is very important to know about its requirements. So let’s know about FF Advance Server requirements so that you can easily download it.

Free Fire Advance Server 2024

The Free Fire Advance Server is a program where players can try out new features not yet released in Free Fire. This Advance Server is released to all players once every two months. Like every year this year also in 2024 Free Fire’s official website publishes information about Advance Server.

Gamers get access to this official website when the server is released after two months. If the website is accessed, after registration, you can download the APK and enjoy the Advance server. For your convenience, here are the release dates of the Advance Server released in 2024 below.

Free Fire Advance Server 2024 Update

Free Fire Advance Server In 2024 Update, you can learn about the new collaboration events of the Free Fire game through this server. New free rewards are waiting for you through these collaboration events. Get ready to be amazed as we unveil the upcoming updates scheduled for the free fire game in 2024. You get all the information on the FF Advance Server, including new characters, a new weapons skin, and a new map.

Free Fire Advance Server OB46 Update

The Free Fire Advance Server OB46 update has finally been launched. This OB46 update brings many new features, improvements and content to enhance the gameplay experience. Basically in this update, you will see collaboration with anime cartoons. A new free event in collaboration with this anime cartoon awaits after this update. Also in this OB46 update, you’ll see new Evo weapons that you can level up using tokens.

Free Fire Advance Server Registration Process

Free Fire Advance Server Registration Process for the 2024 OB46 Update has started. This registration process is the first step to accessing the Advance Server because without registration you cannot download the APK. Below step-by-step registration process provided for your convenience:

  1. For registration first you need to enter the official website
  2. Click here to access the official website.
  3. Now choose any option to login (Facebook and Gmail).
  4. Congratulation! Registration is complete after login.
  5. Then Save the activation code found after registration.

Free Fire Advance Server OB46 APK Download

FF Advance Server OB46 APK is now available for download on this website. So, download the Advance Server and know what updates are coming to the FF game. Good news for those gamers who are unable to download the APK from the official website. So, Here you will find a direct link to download the APK for your convenience.

Free Fire Advance Server APK
Game NameFree Fire
AuthorityGarena free fire
APK Size945 MB
Advance Server Open00-08-2024
Advance Server Close00-08-2024
Activation CodeAvailable Here
Registration LinkClick Here
Rewards3000 Diamonds
Latest UpdateOB45
Official website

How to Download Free Fire Advance Server APK 2024

After completing the registration process you can download FF Advance Server APK. Downloading Advance Server APK is a simplified process. So, follow the steps and download the APK easily:

  1. First, you need to enter the official website
  2. Then Login with registered Gmail or Facebook.
  3. Now you find the APK Download option.
  4. Then Click on the download button given below the activation code.
  5. The APK file will be saved on your device.

Free Fire Advance Server 2024 Activation Code

To get an activation code for the Free Fire Advance Server in 2024, you need to register on the official Advance Server website. The unique activation code will appear on the download page or be sent to your registered email. Activation code plays an important role in opening the Advance Server. So for your convenience Uniq activation code is given below:

Free Fire Advance Server 2024 Activation Code

Activation Code List:


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Friends, I hope that by following the information given in this article, you have been able to access FF Advance Server very easily. Don’t forget to share the post with your friends so they can access the advanced server. Good luck to all

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